Digital inclinometer dust and moisture protection bluetooth inclinometer

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digital inclinometer dust and moisture protection bluetooth inclinometer
Product Description
The main performance characteristics:

1、About the Inclinometer The portable bluetooth inclinometer is a precision borehole inclinometer independently developed by Weihai Gemho Digital Mining Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly used to measure the internal offset of deep holes such as deep foundation pits, slopes, and foundations. The basic configuration of a set of inclinometers includes the inclinometer probe, the winding reel, the control cable and the inclinometer reading APP. No wired power supply, no wired transmission, and no complicated operations. Install the APP software on your mobile phone, and you can connect and read with the inclinometer through Bluetooth. It is convenient and fast. Measurement data. It is very suitable for deep hole excursion monitoring in fields such as mine tailings dams, high-rise buildings, subways and other foundation pits, natural slopes, building slopes, etc. 2、Features Based on stable and reliable Bluetooth wireless communication technology, it is not restricted by cables, and it is convenient for measurement and stable in communication. Low cost, you can use the mobile phone to install the APP to measure and view the data, no special data acquisition instrument is required。 Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, rechargeable, no need to manually replace the battery。 The product adopts high-sensitivity digital probe with high precision, wide measurement range and small measurement error.。 Cloud platform + APP software dual mode, easy to browse and set。 Compared with the economic version, the product has added the function of automatic calibration, and users can realize self-calibration. Compared with the economic version, the product can measure the deflection in four directions (X positive and negative, Y positive and negative)。 Industrial standard design and production, protection grade IP67。
Product main technical specifications:
Product name
bluetooth inclinometer
Measurement accuracy
measurement range
-90°~ 90°
Communication protocol
Standard Modbus-RTU protocol
Signal output
Data format
Detailed Images
Imported steel strings, 

stable temperature performance, 
long service life and good product consistency

Built-in intelligent temperature sensor,

easy to carry out temperature compensation,
improve the accuracy and reliability of monitoring data

Use of standard waterworks cable,

more reliable system.
Using IP68 standard design,

with excellent waterproof performance


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