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Sea walls revetments slope buttressing groynes breakwaters dykes reefs scour protection dunes riverbank protection geobag

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Product Description
Ecological bag is a slope protection geobag made of high-strength flat materials needled into a mesh of PP (polypropylene) or PET (polyester fiber). The conventional size is 815×430 mm. There are two models: filament and short fiber. Square mouth ecological bags with special functions are available in three colors: green, black, and white.

Ecological bag geotextile geobag is a high-strength UV-resistant, freeze-thaw-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, high-molecular synthetic polymer material. It is a high-tech new special material. It has high-strength UV resistance, acid-alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and can reach more than 50 degrees without degradation. It is truly zero pollution. Mainly used to build flexible ecological slopes.

More than 5 years
After-sale Service
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Project Solution Capability
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Nonwoven geotextile geobag
Design Style
Ecological geotechnical geobag
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Geotextile Type
Non-Woven Geotextiles
Nonwoven geotextile geobags
Product name
Geotechnical geotextile non woven geobag
100% Polypropylene/Polyester
Eco geobag
500 mm, 600 mm, custom
500 mm, 600 mm, custom
erosion control, slope protection
1000 pcs
free of charge
Product Features
Ecological geobags can completely replace stones, cement and other materials, which can greatly reduce project costs. The slope after construction has a surface that can be covered with vegetation, so that the excavated slope can achieve a greening effect and form a natural ecological slope. It has a water-permeable and soil-impermeable filtration function. The slope formed in this way is highly water-permeable and has a strong protective and stabilizing effect on soil loss, local mud (soil) flow, slope collapse, etc., and can become a permanent high-stability Natural slope.

1. It can resist ultraviolet (UV) erosion and is not affected by chemical substances in the land. 2. Insoluble in polluted liquids, resistant to acid and alkali (PH), non-toxic, non-combustible, good stability, and cracks will not extend. 3. It has industry-recognized physical and water permeability properties. The raw materials of ecological bags are moisture-resistant and do not absorb moisture. The bag will not be damaged when moisture appears, and the bag will not deform.
Product Application
1. Water conservancy and transportation projects: ecological riverbanks, regreening of reservoir fluctuation zones, wetland projects, lake coast projects, highway roadbed slopes, bridge piers, slope protection, culverts, entrance and exit “eight-character” walls. 2. Municipal garden projects: mountain regreening, mountain slope excavation, retaining wall projects, urban center ecological riverbanks, park lakeshores, landfills, golf courses, etc. 3. Real estate landscape projects: artificial landscape rivers, residential area slopes, gardening landscape walls, water-friendly retaining walls, roof greening, etc. 4. Other projects: emergency treatment of slope collapse, desert greening, nature reserves, ecological bag flood control walls, ecological vertical walls, ecological bag restoration of existing hard structural surfaces, etc.
Product Construction
1) Lay a certain number of layers of bags on the compacted base or compacted soil layer under the slope corner, and the outermost ecological bag should be built vertically. The foundation soil is generally compacted to 95% compactness. No obvious settlement or deformation will occur. 2) When placing ecological bags, horizontal lines should be hung for construction, the vertical joints of the upper and lower layers should be staggered, the three-dimensional drainage connection buckles should be placed across the seams, and manual pressure plates should be stepped and compacted to ensure the stability of the interlocking structure. The seam joints should be placed as close to the inside as possible or hidden as much as possible to achieve a neat and beautiful effect. 3) Each block is 1 meter high and drainage pipes with a diameter of 3 cm should be placed 1 meter apart horizontally. The drainage pipes should be inserted into the slope. 4) When building ecological bags on a stone or other hard foundation interface, the first row of ecological bags can be fixed with anchors or stainless steel nails can be used to nail the three-dimensional drainage connection buckle (single-sided nail removal) to the hard foundation. On the interface, the ecological bag can be fixed with cement mortar.


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