Simple structure and reliable operation Embedded Strain Gauges vibrating string strain gauge

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Simple structure and reliable operation Embedded Strain Gauges vibrating string strain gauge
Product Description
The main performance characteristics:

Surface Strain Gauge Sruface Vibrating wire strain gauges (as shown in Figure 1-1 below) are mainly installed on various structural surfaces such as pipelines, pile foundations and bridges to measure the strain on the surface of the structure. The built-in digital temperature sensor can simultaneously measure the temperature of the layout point. Temperature correction for surface strain gauges.

How the product works The Sruface vibrating wire strain gauge is mainly composed of left and right mounting supports, steel strings and coils. The basic principle and internal structure diagram are shown. When the measured structure is strained, the relative displacement of the left and right ends of the vibrating wire strain gauge is transmitted to the steel string, so that the force of the steel string changes, thereby changing the natural frequency of the steel string, and the measuring instrument outputs a pulse signal. The steel string is excited by the coil and the frequency of the signal induced by the coil is detected. The square of the vibration frequency is proportional to the strain of the strain gauge, and the strain of the measured structure is obtained by conversion.

Product main technical specifications:
Product name
VW strian gauge
Gauge length L: mm
measurement range
Output Signal
<0.5% F.S
Induction frequency range
working temp.
-20℃ to +80℃


Vibrating wire strain gages are used to monitor strain in steel or in reinforced concrete and massive concrete structures.
Detailed Images
long-term reliability
Adopt imported steel string design, which has the advantages of high sensitivity and precision, good linearity and stability, etc.
IP68 standard design, excellent water-proof performance

Using standard hydraulic cables, more stable.
The built-in temperature sensor can directly obtain the temperature of the measuring point (number type or long-term type), which is convenient for temperature compensation and improves the accuracy and reliability of monitoring data.

Use hydraulic cables to meet long-term placement in hydraulic structures and external monitoring environments.

Stainless steel shell design, with the characteristics of compression resistance and radial force resistance.

Due to the instruments long life and high reliability, vibrating wire straing gage are the most robust solution to monitor strain in concrete and metal structures.
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